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Program Supports

Ongoing Program Updates for School Leaders

Online resources, collaboration tools, and progress reports are available for the PCG support team and virtual coaches to track success metrics, for individual teachers to track their own progress, and for the district and individual schools to monitor the learning of the teachers they support. Throughout program that include KDS courses, the following are provided at key intervals:


  • Rubric evaluations demonstrating quality of work, an indicator of classroom application
  • Changes in teacher knowledge through pre/post assessment analysis, online coach feedback, and
    school-based coach observations
  • Participant engagement levels, a key indicator of effective course delivery with suggestions for
    interventions by PCG or school personnel
  • Course engagement and completion analysis provided to school leaders to measure classroom
    reach, instances of exceptional success, and educators requiring additional support
  • Surveys that capture qualitative feedback from teachers on course content, their learning
    experience and the collaboration platform that is used to make ongoing programmatic adjustments
    and improvements.

Facilitation Guides

PCG Programs with KDS courses also include course aligned facilitation guides to support school teams as they engage in the online course material.  Each guide includes suggested activities which can be used by school leaders to plan, develop and lead in-person sessions with educators based on the content of each course. The activities in the facilitation guides are designed to encourage participants to think productively about content, articulate key ideas, and plan for targeted next steps.  The guides also highlight key strategies to encourage participants to collaboratively engage in virtual learning communities.


Our training webinars are live, interactive sessions available at various points throughout programs that include PCG courses. Webinars allow participants to meet their virtual coach, provide a forum for Q & A regarding course content and expectations, and allow for collaboration regarding best practices between participants.  Webinars are recorded for reference and follow-up as well.

Professional Learning Platform

PCG’s online courses are delivered on our Professional Learning Platform (PLP). PLP provides teachers a vehicle to extend their learning and establish learning communities to foster collaboration and build enduring capacity. PLP is a socially collaborative, integrated learning platform that fosters informal learning with over 600 free, targeted, curated videos, webinar recordings, and web sites, all tagged to common teaching and learning frameworks and community resources, virtual groups, real-time collaboration, and instructional coaching. PLP fully supports educators as they develop and improve their practice and implement new skills and strategies.

PLP provides a full-range of learning tools and functionality in a platform designed expressly for the needs of K-12 districts and educators.

Professionl Learning Platform, PLP


PLP supports:

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Collaboration
  • Virtual Learning Communities
  • User and administrators’ feedback reports focused on PLP usage
  • Full integration with district systems
  • Curated professional learning resources aligned to frameworks and standards
  • Course Authoring Tool for creating and publishing district created content and courses
  • Knowledge Management
  • Integration with district content repositories and 3rd party platforms
  • Resources searchable by keyword, tag, description, subject, grade, topic and framework
  • Over 5,000 curated video lessons
  • Community uploaded resources, videos, lessons, and documents
  • Curated PD resources aligned to custom teaching frameworks and standards
  • Tools to support professional learning plans
  • Badging and credentialing

District staff, principals and instructional coaches will use PLP to build online communities of practice. They will plan for effective implementation of PLP to support collaboration between participants and connect with other participating principals and school-based coaches.

Workshops & Seminars

PCG can draw from our many content partners and our own internal content experts in equity, cultural and linguistic competency and social emotional learning to provide one or two-day workshop sessions at individual school sites. PCG has the full slate of course authors and publishing partners to draw from for potential candidates and will work with principals and school leaders to identify a topic(s) of focus.

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