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Social Emotional Learning Programs

Educators are responsible for students with differing degrees of motivation for engaging in learning, behaving positively, and performing academically. In order to meet not only the academic, but also the social and emotional needs of all students, it is critical that educators are provided with ongoing professional development and support around implementing SEL best practices in their classrooms.
PCG’s school-based SEL program provides educators with the knowledge and skills needed to build internal capacity to ensure effective schoolwide adoption of SEL. The courses in the Program provide educators with strategies to foster and create SEL rich classrooms thereby providing students with a foundation for safe learning and a positive school and classroom environment.


Social & Emotional Learning Program - Duration: 6 Months

Foundation Course - Unlocking SEL by Making Student Thinking Visible - Duration 3 Months

Jonathon Saphier, Research for Better Teaching (RBT)

Unlocking SEL by Making Student Thinking Visible

You will hear from Jon Saphier, founder and president of Research for Better Teaching, Inc., and Lucy West, Founder of Metamorphosis TLC, on the concepts, embedded values, and operating principles of MSTV. You will explore in depth these principles and practice building a robust talk environment that builds student confidence and extends their capacity to manage discussions.

Jonathon Saphier, Research for Better Teaching (RBT)


Elective - Relationally Responsive Classroom Management - Duration 3 Months

Alan Green, USC Rossier School of Education

Relationally Responsive Classroom Management

This course empowers educators to effectively teach an increasingly diverse student body by cultivating meaningful relationships. It builds educators’ ability to use effective methods for connecting with students, increasing student motivation, reducing behavior problems and improving academic achievement.

Alan Green, USC Rossier School of Education

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