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Professional Learning Programs for Districts


Many districts struggle to scale their professional learning so that teachers have a common language and understanding of core practices that impact student achievement.

Public Consulting Group's (PCG) Programs of Professional Learning provide the transformation and capacity-building at scale necessary to sustain meaningful change across a school or district. These programs provide research-based, rigorous content, instructional coaching, and expert consulting services.

Educators and leaders will apply their learning to:



Enhance instructional practice and quality teaching in all classrooms



Significantly improve outcomes for all students

Build Leadership

Build Leadership

Build leadership capacity at the school and district level to sustain strategic initiatives

PCG has the experience, flexibility, and insight to work with districts as a strategic partner to define and develop a blended learning model that will address key system priorities and support its teachers, coaches, principals, and other staff. Programs are designed to achieve large-scale, sustained instructional improvements in each of following critical areas:

  • Classroom Management Skills
  • Coaching Effectiveness
  • College & Career Readiness
  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Diverse Learners
  • English Language Learners
  • Equity
  • Leadership Support
  • New Teacher Support
  • Social Emotional Learning


PCG’s consulting services include established project management protocols, collaborative change management, and strategic implementation support. Additional wrap-around consulting services may also include hosting kick-off meetings, facilitating work sessions with stakeholder groups, and providing project evaluation services.

What’s included in each of PCG’s Programs of Professional Learning?

  • Online coaching
  • Convenient, asynchronous learning
  • Online platform for extended collaboration
  • Implementation support and project management
  • Incentives for teachers
  • Program evaluation
  • Additional wrap-around consulting supports
  • Optional graduate credit

By partnering with PCG, districts benefit from a learning program that:

  • Aligns with district priorities
  • Supplements existing learning programs
  • Sustains a 3-5 year initiative

Higher Impact for Lower Cost

Online and blended learning is the most impactful, flexible and cost-effective way to deliver professional learning experiences to educators. Research shows that high-quality professional learning requires at least 50 hours of instruction for educators to effectively change their practice.

Research also suggests that traditional professional learning models, such as workshops, are often both expensive and ineffective (Gulamhussein, 2013).

One-Day Workshops: These are easy to fit into packed schedules but research suggests that 1-2 day workshop has little effect on teacher knowledge or student outcomes.

Six-Day Workshops: If presented in an intensive, sustained and continuous manner on a specific topic, would have high-impact but are often not feasible as they are expensive and difficult to coordinate and schedule.  

*this includes internal costs such as substitutes, travel, stipends, etc. as well as vendor costs for workshop

PCG’s Professional Learning Programs were designed to provide the best return on investment and highest impact on teacher practice. Participant completion rates in online courses that form the center of these Programs are typically over 90%. In addition, the majority of participants rate the quality of the content as excellent and report that the courses have a major impact on their practice.

Completion Rates

Ccompletion Rates
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What people are saying about our programs

"I was originally so overwhelmed when I started. I thought that I would never get to this point. But, now that I am here I feel professionally and personally more equipped to deal with race on a daily basis. Thank you for exposing me to this level of rigor. I am more confident that the work that I do is, and will continue, to make a difference in the lives of our students."

Mrs. Lakay Wilkerson
Literacy Coach Parkside Elementary School
Broward County Schools, Florida


Why choose PCG?

PCG is a leader in providing research-based professional development programs for K-12 education. We offer educators and school leaders an innovative approach to professional learning that enables districts to scale best practices with fidelity across schools. Our innovative online learning platform and courses provide teachers access to high-quality content and engaging learning experiences. Teachers learn directly from experts in their fields with support from virtual coaches and a community of their peers - all without having to leave their classrooms.

PCG’s innovative platform gives districts the ability to deliver professional learning at scale and provides teachers with access to content with more depth, convenience, engagement and better results. In combination with PCG’s instructional design model, learning is focused, sustained, collaborative, supported by coaching, and includes opportunities for feedback and reflection. Courses include videos of authentic classroom practice, in-depth interviews, and commentary by education leaders. Personal coaches provide feedback and facilitate peer collaboration to exchange classroom experiences. The online format enables teachers to extend their learning beyond the course with access to learning materials, supplemental resources, and a peer community for ongoing collaboration and support.


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