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School Improvement Programs

School-based professional learning is the most effective way to ensure significant impact on student achievement and outcomes. Schools where appreciable strides are made in teacher learning and effectiveness foster a culture where every adult takes collective responsibility for the success of all students. Principals act as learning leaders and teams of teachers engage in cycles of continuous improvement. Dedicated time is set aside for ongoing professional learning, collaborative planning, and analysis of student data.

PCG’s school-based professional learning programs provide a comprehensive support system to help schools achieve their improvement goals. We work with principals to develop a set of capacity building initiatives for schoolwide implementation. We provide support for principals and other school leaders, coaches, teachers and other staff to build and foster a school culture with job-embedded, collaborative professional learning at its core. This program supports school leaders in increasing their capacity as culturally transformative instructional leaders and helps principals develop the capacity and skills they need to support teachers in developing their practice.


School Improvement Program - Duration: Variable

Electives: – School-Based Professional Learning - Duration: Variable

Select one or more courses from the menu below or other options from our Course Catalog based on your school improvement goals. Length of program will depend on number of electives chosen.


Richard DuFour & Rebecca DuFour

Richard DuFour & Rebecca DuFour
Creating a Professional Learning Community at Work

Alan Green, USC Rossier School of Education

Alan Green, USC Rossier School of Education

Relationally Responsive Classroom Management

James Bellanca & Ken Kay - 
21st Century Skills

James Bellanca & Ken Kay

21st Century Skills

Diana Nunnaley/TERC


Leadership Support - Duration: Variable

Principals and school leaders need deep content knowledge, a repertoire of strong leadership strategies, and ongoing support to facilitate teacher learning and application of new practices. Principals play a critical role in transformative schoolwide change.

Anthony Muhammad
Robyn Jackson


Coaching Effectiveness - Duration: 3 Months

Research on coaching strongly suggests that instructional coaching has significant potential to influence teacher practice, and ultimately, student performance. Our program for coaches helps them develop the capacity and skills to support teachers in developing their practice and to foster a coaching culture in their schools and districts.


Joellen Killion, Learning Forward

Joellen Killion, Learning Forward

Effective Coaching to Strengthen Instruction

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