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Dr. Venita Kelley, CEO, Kelley Communications and Consulting

Alan GreenDr. Venita Kelley is former representative to the Governor for Closing the Achievement Gap (CTAG) in Ohio. Dr. Kelley’s expertise is interdisciplinary and includes intercultural communication, media, organizational design/diagnosis, and leadership development. She has worked in the education and communication fields for several years and served as urban scholar for the cultural competency professional development training segment of the Governor’s Initiative.

Her experience includes: associate deanship of leadership and student development; noted professor in teaching and learning; curriculum and program development; professorate positions in communication and ethnic studies with affiliated status in film and women’s studies; secondary education as a 9-12 English teacher, career counselor, and life skills; and consultant and/or trainer in intercultural communication in state and federal government, K12 and university systems, medical schools, and foundations. She is noted as a master teacher. Her publications span book chapters, performance pieces, news columns, articles, and peer reviewed journals.


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