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Stetson & Associates, Inc.

Stetson & Associates, Inc. is an educational consulting firm focused on educational excellence and systems change. Created in 1987, they have a national reputation for providing “cutting-edge” services. Stetson & Associates credo is “Excellence AND Equity!”. Their mission is to support administrators, teachers, and parents in their efforts to enable every student to be engaged, included, high-achieving, and prepared for adulthood.

Stetson & Associates, Inc. has a talented staff of professionals who have served in instructional and administrative roles in general education, special education, and with other special populations, such as gifted and talented education, English Language Learners (ELL), and at-risk student populations. Their associates are former principals, central office administrators, teachers, coordinators, diagnosticians, and speech/language pathologists.

Stetson & Associates, Inc. Courses

A teacher asks students to participate in a project.

Inclusive Education: Success for All Learners

Author | Dr. Frances Stetson

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