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Donna Walker Tileston, President - Strategic Teaching and Learning

Alan GreenDr. Donna Walker Tileston has been a leader in education, serving as a teacher, administrator, researcher, writer, software developer, and a national consultant. She is the author of 23 books on educational topics. She has been actively involved in brain research and has published her research under the titles Strategies for Teaching Differently (1998) and Ten Best Teaching Practices: How Brain Research, Learning Styles and Standards Define Teaching Competencies (2000, 2005).

This research led Dr. Tileston to write a bestselling series titled What Every Teacher Should Know (2003, 2008). The series has been awarded the Distinguished Achievement Award for Excellence in Educational Publishing by the American Educational Publishers Association and is presently being developed into a series of comprehensive state‐ of‐the‐art interactive online courses. Additionally, she has made worldwide presentations on her research. Dr. Tileston received her BA from the University of North Texas, her MA from East Texas State University, and her Ed.D. from Texas A & M University‐Commerce.


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