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David A. Sousa, Author and Educational Consultant

Alan GreenDavid A. Sousa, Ed.D, is an international consultant in educational neuroscience and author of more than a dozen books that suggest ways that educators and parents can translate current brain research into strategies for improving learning. Dr. Sousa has edited science books and published dozens of articles in leading journals on staff development, science education, and educational research. His most popular books for educators include:

How the Brain Learns Mathematics was selected by the Independent Publishers’ Association as one of the best professional development books of 2008.

Dr. Sousa is past president of the National Staff Development Council. He has received numerous awards, including the Distinguished Alumni Award and an honorary doctorate from Massachusetts State College at Bridgewater and an honorary doctorate from Gratz College in Philadelphia. He has a master of arts teaching degree in science from Harvard University and a doctorate from Rutgers University. He has taught senior high school science and has served as a K-12 director of science and a district superintendent in New Jersey schools. He has also been an adjunct professor of education at Seton Hall University and a visiting lecturer at Rutgers University.


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