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Elementary Reading Intervention Strategies


Course Description

Proactive reading instruction-in everything from phonics to comprehension-is required both to prevent problems with and to promote authentic literacy. This course offers elementary educators a research-based menu of reading intervention strategies that prepare educators to intervene immediately and effectively at the first signs of students' struggles. The course equips educators with routines and activities that will make confident, able readers of all of their students. Educators learn proactive strategies to prevent literacy problems and are instructed on reading interventions that address existing literacy problems.


Course Presenter

Dr. Elaine McEwan-Adkins

The recipient of multiple honors from multiple organizations, Dr. Elaine McEwan-Adkins is a former teacher, librarian, principal, and assistant superintendent for instruction. She is the author of more than 35 books for parents and educators, including

Dr. McEwan-Adkins did her undergraduate work in education at Wheaton College, and received her master’s degree in library science and her doctorate in educational administration from Northern Illinois University.

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